(about the movie) why is the movie "Twilight" getting negative reviews?


(about the movie) why is the movie "Twilight" getting negative reviews?
it's a romantic movie for TEEN, a love story... I quite liked the plot, the actors are pretty, especially the vampire retinue. I just agree that Stuart lacks emotions, or rather, she has none at all. YOUR OPINION, PLEASE).


The movie is shit so don't like it

Rock Paper Scissors
because he got everything on the ball, sobsna this is one of the main directions of prop

Aleksenko Alexander
I don't even want to discuss this nonsense

Runeva Anna
Did not watch. Saw the trailer. Romantic nonsense is boring to me, so if these vampires were like they are shown in horror films, I would definitely watch ...

Igor Shvedov
Smooth script. Having no intention. Relation to the category of Indian cinema!

your conscience
This is a women's film, and most of the critics are men))

Christina mmm
Because teenagers, watching such films, begin to fantasize ... when they first started showing this film, in cinemas, girls tried to be like the main character (hair, facial expressions, behavior, etc.) .. very much such films affect teenagers ... too the same as Potter...

vasya vasin
I like life films more http://my.mail.ru/video/list/vasya104/_vanswers/10.html

PavloGolovko Ivanovich
If they picked up the actors corresponding to the novel, then the movie would be wonderful. And I don't want to say... Toko left due to the fact that many did not read "Twilight", and after the novel, the movie causes a gag reflex)))))

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